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Radio opening with Mayor John Booth.


The Radio Finally officially opened!!!

Carterton Mayor John Booth came in on Friday 14th to open 107.5 DFM.

John Booth got welcomed into the radio room and then interviewed in the first live show. The announcers asked Mr.Booth all about being Mayor and what its like.


Radio Adds in the making. 

On Tuesday , Anais and Tessa joined by Clint who went to Stores in town to talk to shop keepers about 107.5 radio adds.

They discussed what particular information the shops wanted in there adverts.

add at ray white.jpg
takenote add.jpg
Almos books adds .jpg

This year at Dalefield School we are having a huge renovation to our bathrooms they are doing this to put on an accessible toilet. They have been moved around to give us more open space. and creating a new deck for an indoor , outdoor flow. It should be an amazing new learning space.The

2-3 builders have been working very hard to provide this for our school.



This year at Dalefield School we have a new mandarin teacher, Mengfan .She comes to our school every Thursday and teach's all the students about the Chinese culture and language.She also joins us when we go on school trips and she takes great photos.

Waste Water Treatment Plant 

Kapa Haka Festival



 CROSS COUNTRY  running 

Violet Fisher got the chance to run in NZ national cross country. which was held in Hamner springs on the 26th of September.

Violet came 9th out of all NZ ten year olds. 

Awesome Violet !!!

We are so proud of you. 


Riparian Planting 

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